There's no place like 'Roam'

Factology’s planned move to a new set of offices has been postponed due to unforeseen circumstances (for a couple of contractual reasons… surprisingly none of which relate to Brexit, making a refreshing change).

While we assess options that suit our leaner footprint (we like to think of ourselves as small but perfectly formed), we have decided to look into the wonders of Remote Working (a.k.a ‘Roam’ Working).

We've scheduled four different flexible working locations to assess over the coming weeks, and intend to share feedback on their suitability for business. Given the agility of modern communication technologies and our already responsive way of working, we hope to deliver an even higher level of service by maximising the unique infrastructure of these sites. We plan to offer some insight, productivity hacks and commercial tips on how to optimise performance in these ‘halfway-HQ’ type set-ups.

In truth, this move should pose few issues. Factology began operations as an owner-led, home-based start-up, and we embrace agile and flexible solutions to keep costs low and returns high. In this way we pass on savings to our clients, keeping overheads grounded, while being flexible enough to work in any region or office location were our services are required.

We'll be working at some of the more interesting flexible working locations throughout Manchester and Cheshire, and will keep you updated on our progress.