Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication

Why do we believe simplicity is good?

With talent acquisition, it's because we feel we have to dominate the process. As you bring order to complexity, you find a way to make the process defer to you. Simplicity in recruitment isn't just the result of management style, however. It's not just process for the absence of risk. It involves excavating the depths of complexity to engineer the ideal result.

To be truly simple, you actually have to go really deep.

For example, to find the perfect hire, you can often end up running a selection process that is super-convoluted and ultra-complex. The better way is to go deeper with simplicity itself, to fully understand everything about your organisation and what makes it work. You have to deeply understand your business, your brand, to be able to know the best way to communicate your message to prospective talent. You'll then be able to drop everything that is non-essential and zone-in on ideal targets.

That's the Factology way. We thrive in managing complexity for our clients, bringing organisations a simple and effective result when acquiring talent.