Recruitment and Hard Work

Recruitment, done effectively, is essentially a kind of manual labour. A lot of the individual processes are clearly a mental labour, but completing an entire hiring cycle is much closer to manual labour.

No, recruitment doesn’t usually involve heavy lifting, fast movement, or strenuous contorting of muscles. Most people, however, only see the surface reality of recruitment and think of recruiters as leading a passive, introspective, working life delivered by means of admin process. If you have the strength to strike the keys on a keyboard, they think, you can be a recruiter. But once you actually try to recruit, you soon find it isn’t as peaceful a job as it seems.

“I have no idols. I (only) admire work, dedication and competence”. Ayrton Senna

The whole daily process – being at your workstation of choice, focussing your mind like a homing missile, imagining a final masterpiece from a complete blank canvas, controlling the narrative, speaking to and influencing the right partners, one by one, keeping the whole process on track – requires far more energy, and long periods of intense focus, than most people would ever imagine.

Therefore, it’s easy to understand why some people often misunderstand the effort of recruiters. Understandably, they can misconstrue a recruiter’s input as being only self-serving (which, of course, it also can be – this is a commercial world, after all). However, the recruiters who adhere to effective process, who are devoted to the quality of outcomes, should be recognised as adept professionals who generate valuable results.

The great F1 driver Ayrton Senna once said “I have no idols. I (only) admire hard work, dedication and competence”. These are the key ingredients of the devoted recruiter's make-up.
Job seekers and career professionals who also admire these qualities will benefit from working with the most committed recruiters in their field. Reap the fruit of manual labour.