Research, Market-Mapping and Reporting

We can locate outstanding performers through research and market-mapping or arm employers with the facts and insights to engage them directly. We can provide candidate mapping, pipelining, market-watch reports, salary benchmarking and competitor analysis. We can then integrate insight into targeted recruitment campaigns. This helps maximise your EVP, enabling you to attract and convert the best talent anywhere in the world.

Typically applied to talent pooling, market mapping/benchmarking, EVP development, succession and diversity planning

Through desk-based, face-to-face and phone-based research we PROVIDE:

  • Bespoke and unique market intelligence: Market-watch reports to give you a competitive advantage when seeking digital talent.
  • Competitor mapping: to identify individuals within the digital talent pool.
  • Salary Benchmarking: to evidence candidate suitability, value and atainability to you.
  • Supply full candidate dossiers: with verified career histories, titles, biographical data, contact details and hiring recommendations.
  • Generate contact campaigns and develop EVP: using quantitatively and qualitatively benchmarked research.
  • Deliver post campaign analysis and much more: benchmarking your employer brand position, market perception and reputation. 



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