Permanent Placement 

Hire the star performers for your business. We provide employers with fully-profiled, suitably-qualified candidates for senior or scarce positions. Building upon our talent research and market knowledge, our cost-effective approach reduces time-to-hire and delivers long-term ROI.

Our proactive Permanent recruitment expertise PROVIDEs:

  • Bespoke contact process: understanding and acting upon your needs, we approach talent in a way that helps you stand out.
  • Exclusive & exceptional candidates: proactively approaching the best digital professionals, we locate people who are closely aligned to your vision. Providing you with fresh, relevant skills and genuine interest from best-in-class digital performers.
  • Full candidate CVs and dossiers: with verified career histories, references, contact details and biographical data, managing your risk and reducing your admin burden.
  • Handover & onboarding: we help cement your successful hire, and provide support to maximise current and future hiring activities.

PRICED as salary percentage (%) fee. CONTACT THE FACTOLOGY TEAM TODAY.

Expertise Covered:

Analytics, AWS, Business Analysis, Content design, Data Analysis, DevOps, Digital Marketing, Information and Data Security, Insights & CRM, IoT, IT Support, Java, .NET, Node.js, Oracle, PHP, Platform Engineering, PMO, Product Development, Product Management, Programming, Project & Programme Management, Python, Ruby, SAP, SAS, Scala, SEO and Social Media, Service Desk, Testing, User Research, UX and many more…